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Beijing E3Control Technology Co., Ltd
Email: info@e3control.cn
Tel: 0086-10-57207657
Add: 7E,building2,international pioneer park,No.2 infornation Road,Haidian District,Beijing China. 100085
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E3Control Co., Ltd is an advanced smart lighting solution provider. We devote to the interconnected devices and ecosystem to achieve better Energy-saving, better Efficiency, which lead to a better Environment.

Our system is specially designed for small to large scale commercial building lighting system, including office building, shopping center, retail store, hotel and convention center, warehouse, as well as home lighting.

E3Control brings together over twenty years experiences in technology and product development. Our team consists of industry alumnus from Google, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Johnson Control and Haier. With R&D teams in both Silicon Valley and China, we provide complete in-house design for LED control software, wireless module and firmware, cloud, big data analysis and customized app development.

With teams in both China and US, we provide best class support and assist every step in the way from prototyping to production, to mass market retail.

E3Control provides full support towards promoting sustainability and enterprise of smart lighting applications. We are committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers.